Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just a Boy and his Reindeer Dog

Don't Try This At Home

Seriously, don't. As soon as we turned off the camera, I threw up my dinner (a hotdog) all over my Dad's computer. Luckily, I missed the keyboard.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Arizona's Christmas City

We had a lot of fun yesterday in Prescott with my Aunt Marie and my Uncle Dan. The drive up was a frightening one as we had to dodge several GIGANTIC tumbleweeds as they barreled across the highway. Luckily we arrived in one piece.

First we went to a McDonald's to use their wireless internet. We had a video call with my Baba using Skype. We talked for over an hour and my Baba was able to see Marie, Danny, my Mom, my Dad and of course me (although I was more concerned with playing in the play place than I was with Skyping).

Next we went to downtown Prescott where we had some delicious burgers and some even deliciouser gelato ice cream. Yum. We walked around town a little bit admiring the Christmas tree and lights. Apparently, Prescott is Arizona's Christmas City. Very festive.

If we were a rock band, Marie would be our lead singer and this picture would be our album cover. Too cool. I didn't like being in my stroller so I spent the day walking around with everyone else. I was pretty tired at the end of the day.

Later on, as we were driving we saw Margaret Street. Of course, we had to get out and take a photo.

Next, we did a little bit of post Thanksgiving shopping. My Uncle Dan and I are very anti-shopping so that didn't last very long. Then Marie and Danny went to an AA meeting while my mom, dad and I headed back downtown to secure a good spot for the Christmas Light Parade. It was very cold but we still had fun. This is a picture of a semi truck covered in lights.

Overall, it was a great day. Next Saturday we're headed back to Prescott because my Uncle Chris, Uncle Dave and my Mama De are coming to visit. I'll get to meet Uncle Dave for the fist time EVER! I think we'll continue the Christmas festivities and visit the Prescott Resort so we can see the world's largest collection of Gingerbread houses. And if its not too cold, maybe we'll go for a fun hike as well.

Thanks Marie and Danny for such a fun Thanksgiving week!

Monkey Leash

There are some mothers who are very anti-leash. I guess they're concerned with the "dignity" of their children or something. Unfortunately for me, my mom is not one of them:

At first, I didn't like my monkey "backpack" at all. But I soon warmed up to it once I realized I could WALK everywhere and not sit in the cart.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Uncle Dan

My Uncle Dan is visiting from Boston. When my parents asked him how I've changed in the last three months, he said that I'm not as retarded as I used to be. Yea!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cool Tricks, Cool Tricks

These tricks would be even more impressive if we didn't have to use the laptop as a video camera.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Monday, November 12, 2007

Ready For My Closeup

Thanks to my uncle Greg for taking such awesome pics of me...

Family Christmas Photos

Here's a little preview of some of the silly ones. You'll notice in the last photo, that I was able to break off a piece of my mommy's necklace.

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Left Tube

I've been especially cranky lately, but my parents just attributed it to the fact that I'm cutting 6, yes SIX, teeth right now. But last week, at my post-op doctor's appointment, the ENT was aghast to find that both my ears are terribly infected... again, or still. I'm not sure which since my entire life has blended into one giant ear infection.

This morning my mom noticed something in my left ear that didn't look like my usual pus- IT WAS MY TUBE. After only two weeks, my left tube has made an unlikely escape from my ear canal. These tubes are supposed to last up to a year, sometimes longer, helping poor little children like myself ventilate our infected, crusty ears. I guess my left tube had other plans.

Dr. Mendelson agreed to see us immediately and was rather incredulous at the sight of my tube sitting in a plastic baggie and not deep inside my canal. The rest of the staff at ENT Specialists of Arizona were shocked as well, as word spread of the boy with the fugitive tube. All the nurses and interns wished me well as I left, and promised they'd be seeing me soon enough.

So I'll take two different types of antibiotics for the next two weeks and go back to Dr. Mendelson to see if the fluid will go away without the help of a tube. Most likely, he'll have to preform the operation again, but only on my left ear. Hopefully my right tube won't grow unhappy and yearn for a better life.

Now my parents know why I've been so crabby lately, tugging and pushing on my ears all the time. This doesn't, however, explain why I like to play with the garbage so much. Perhaps that explains why I get so many ear infections.