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Booker's First Lost Tooth

Booker has been so excited to lose a tooth like the rest of his friends. He even went on a tooth-brushing strike because he had heard that "if you don't brush your teeth they'll fall out." We set him straight and told him that brushing your teeth actually wiggles them and makes them looser.

He was pretty thrilled when his loose tooth popped out this morning...

Asher Update

I've been waiting for Asher to hit a certain milestone to do an update, but since I'm pretty sure he'll be crawling across the stage to receive his high school diploma, I may as well give you one now.

Meet Asher...

Our baby who answers yes or no questions: "Do you want a string cheese?" "YEAH!" or "Do you want to take a nap?" "Grunt."

Our baby who speaks full sentences, "NO DON'T GO!" when you walk away from him.

Our baby whose vocabulary is sometimes more advanced than our three year old's.

Our 15 MONTH OLD who is still not walking and showing absolutely no interest.

Even on all fours, Asher has earned himself the nickname The Dictator. If he had a theme song it would be this one from the Japandroids...

When they love you (and they will)
Tell them all there's love in my shadow
Anything try to slow you down
Tell them all to go to hell.

Asher we sure love you. Please don't give us hell. And please start walking soon. You're absolutely filthy.