Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Quality Time with Dad

My dad has been so busy lately with work and school that sometimes its hard to spend time with him. Last night I helped him pick up "Brody Bombs" in the backyard.

I guess its a good thing my dad decided to procrastinate his one chore until ten o' clock at night the day before the trash goes out rather than do it when my mommy asked him to two weeks ago when there were only a few turd piles. My dad's a thinker, he knew that I would want to help him with this rather than go to bed. Now if only we could get my mommy to understand how we work.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MTV Cribs: Part 1

Hey MTV and welcome to my "crib." Today I'm going to show you how I roll: Booker Style.

Here's my actual crib. Its where the "magic" happens. You know what I mean, all those tricks I pull on mom and dad in the middle of the night. My crib toys aren't nearly as fun as playing with them at 3 in the morning.

Next is my awesome glider. Most babies can't handle this sweet chair. Just a few seconds of rocking in it and they're snoring like my dog Brody does. But I have grown immune to the gentle effects of the glider. Again, its pretty fun to sit in at 3 am.

Here is my slammin' toy chest. I'm only six months old and I can already fill a whole chest with toys. Just wait until my first birthday.

Monday, January 29, 2007

MTV Cribs: Part 2

Next we have my changing table. This is where I empty my bladder as soon as my diaper has come off.

Here is my book shelf. It houses all my books and a few more toys. It also holds my rockin' sound system. I like to rock out to "Sounds of the Ocean" and "Womb Noises" at night. I don't really know what the womb noises are all about, but they sound vaguely familiar.

This is where I "get my eat on." Well, my mommy wouldn't let me show off where I usually get my eat on (she's so prude), so this will have to do. I especially like cereal and apple juice.

Last, but certainly not least, I'll take you outside to see my rides. I've got my deluxe stroller (thanks Uncle Spencer), my sporty stroller (thanks Grandpa T), my infant carrier (thanks Aunt Joy) and my new big boy carseat which I'll be ready for any day now.

Thanks for stopping by MTV. Now get out of my crib!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Say hello to my nipple cutters. They may be hard to see, but they're there. Just ask my moms. Someday I will use them to eat carrots before they are blended. But for today, they are simply my nipple cutters.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trip to Utah

Don't be fooled by my stylish sunglasses, Utah was COLD. Brrrrr. I'm still cold even though I'm home in my warm crib in my warm house in my warm state. But don't worry, my Aunt Marie made sure that I was nice and bundled up everytime we went out. And she also made sure I looked sufficiently nerdy in my PJs every night. Thanks, Aunt Marie. I can forgive her, though, because she rocked me to sleep every night.

Friday, January 5, 2007


My new house came with a new dog. Actually, he's an old dog so don't try and teach him any new tricks. My parents can't decide whose tooters smell worse, mine or Brody's. And I haven't even started on solids yet.

Pickles and Cream Soda

My two new favorites. Don't be fooled by my face. I LOVE those things.

My Trip to BYU

My parents got all nostalgic and dragged me onto BYU campus. We saw the building my dad was named after, visited the museum my mom used to work at and bought some books for my Uncle Elder David at the BYU bookstore.

Heidi Hat

My awesome birthday-cake-giving-bobble-hat-making Aunt Marie has come through again.


After we went to the MTC, we celebrated my dad's birthday by getting Indian food and eating cake. Even though my mommy told her I only eat pickles right now, my Aunt Marie snuck me some birthday cake. MY AUNT MARIE ROCKS and BIRTHDAY CAKE ROCKS. Thanks for being born, dad. I know it can be hard.

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

I celebrated the new year (and my dad's birthday) by taking my Grandma Sister Proffitt to the Missionary Training Center so that she can prepare for her mission to Berlin, Germany for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The long trip up to Utah was kind of a pain in the butt, but it was worth it to see my grandma off. I'm sure going to miss sucking on her fingers.