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Letters to Santa

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Booker's letter reads:

Dear Santa,
Greetings from Arizona. My name is Booker. I have been a very good boy this year. I did dishes and even gave Ike a hug. What I would like most this year for Christmas is a yo-yo because it would be fun.  If your elves aren't too busy, I would also like a robot dog, a jet, a Batman Lego toy, Optimus Prime and a Webkinz puppy. My house is the grey one with the brown roof and no chimney. I promise to leave you cookies on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas!
From, Booker
PS, Please say HI to Dasher for me!

Ike's is mostly the same, except he asked for an "airplane with guns because they will shoot" and a Robin for his airplane, a Transformer, a Nerf Gun, Lightening McQueen "with wheels" and Batman PJs. 

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