Saturday, May 31, 2008

Owies and Somersaults

This is what I get for trying to climb into my mom and dad's bed in the middle of the night- a terrible owie. That's not blood dripping down my tooth, its my gum hanging off. Pretty gross.
My parents didn't even realize anything was wrong until the three of us woke up this morning covered in blood.
But I'm doing alright, practicing my somersaults like it ain't no thing.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Bathroom Floor Sleeper

Sometimes I even fall asleep on my bathroom floor. 

Monday, May 26, 2008

Growing Up is Hard

My transition to a big boy bed has not been exactly seamless. Usually I cry for a few minutes, admit defeat and then go crawl into bed. And occasionally I get so worked up that I forget the crawling into bed part. When my mom and dad come to check on me and have trouble opening the door, they know I've fallen asleep on the ground... with Dora and my sippy of course.

Memorial Day 2008

It wasn't our usual Memorial Day party, but I think the ghetto version we had today was even better. The Garns and Dunyons decided to irrigate their vastly HUGE property, so instead of a pool party we had a "lake" party. It was perfect for all ages. The water was shallow enough for us babies to roam around in but deep enough for the older kids to use skim-boards, boogie-boards, rafts and floaties. Not to mention the trampoline, slides, and toy cars that were also tons of fun. Thank you Garns & Dunyons for such a fun day!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kissing Cousins

So I was reading up the other day on that California Supreme Court decision that recognizes a right for gay people to get married, because. . . you know. . . I like to keep up with the kind of world that I am going to grow up in. I found this article that links that decision to other marriage restrictions - like the one forbidding cousins to marry. No offense to my other cute cousins, but if we were allowed to "keep it in the family," I'd want to marry Zanya. She comes from a good family (unlike the rest of you hoodlums), she's super cute, she's quiet when I'm too loud, she never steals my Dora doll, the babies would be so cute we'd hardly notice the tail and webbed toes and we already have a good picture for our wedding announcements. Maybe we'll be able to elope to California...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Boy Bed

Its official- I AM A BIG BOY. Tonight by parents took down my crib and set up my brand new bed. Right now, its just two twin mattresses on top of each other but when we move to Tucson, I'm going to get a bunk bed. Eventually my little brother and I will have the ultimate boys' room.
My mom picked out a nice blue surfer boy bed set... I mean, surfer MAN bed set to counteract my obsession with my Dora dolly... er, I mean Dora ACTION FIGURE!!!

Trip to California

Thank you Garns and Dunyons for letting us crash your beach house this year. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Booper Speaks

More Utah Fun

On our last night in Utah, we finally got to see my Uncle Dan (it had been 4 whole months!) First, we took Uncles Dan and Chris for some much needed haircuts. Don't worry, I didn't get a haircut but I refuse to be left out of anything so I pretended like I did.

Then we went to Tucanos for dinner. Leave it to my Uncle Dan to choose perhaps one of the busiest (and most expensive) restaurants in Provo. It was a madhouse of endless grilled meat and plentiful salad buffet. I only managed to shatter one glass, get one cut on my face, and annoy just a few fellow diners. I'd call it a success for sure!

Some other fun habits I picked up in Utah...

Wearing other people's shoes- in particular, my Baba's slippers. They were definitely hard to walk in. You'll notice a pot of poinsettias in the background of this picture. They were a good indication of the state of disarray my Mama De's house was in. Which was good for me, I got to watch A TON of Dora while my mom was busy cleaning.

Another bad habit I picked up while in Utah- picking my nose. I've been doing it so much lately, that I fell asleep one night with my finger up my nose. My great Aunt Marie had a good suggestion for my mom to distract me. However, I soon realized that every time my mom asked me where my hands were, she didn't really want to know... she just wanted me to stop picking my nose. Now I just ignore her and keep on mining away.

Some other fun things we did while in Utah...
- Took several walks with Baba, Mama De and Chris
- Played the new Mario Kart for Wii with Chris
- Watched episodes of Planet Earth and got overly excited about each and every "AN-MAL"
- Wore out my Great-Grandma Tueller with tons and tons of playing
- Went to a UVSC baseball game
- Ate BYU creamery ice cream
- Ate Sub Zero ice cream which stinks in comparison
- Had a delicious Cafe Rio lunch with my great-grandparents and Baba
- Played in the snow on May 1st... yes, May 1st.

Lagoon... Part Crazy

Who knew my great Aunt Rachel was such an adventurous and crazy thrill-seeker!?!? No seriously, who knew? Because we definitely didn't. While at Lagoon, she opted to go on the SCARIEST ride in the park- the bungee jump!!!
Pre-jump Rachel.

Pre-jump Rachel hanging there and waiting to be pulled up.

I can't remember the exact height, but it was HIGH!

Flying ALL OVER Farmington... or whatever North Salt Lake neighborhood that is.

She had to grab a big stick to slow herself down once it was all over. I gotta wonder if she was sore the next day. Crazy... just crazy.


While we were in Utah, my mom's cousin Emma invited us to her Lagoon Birthday party. It was my first amusement park ever and we discovered that I DO NOT LIKE RIDES. Well, there were two rides I liked- the slow moving cars and the train that takes you through the zoo. At first, the train freaked me out but I was soon distracted by all the cool animals.

Here's the slow moving car that I tolerated but did not fully enjoy.

Here I am with my cousins Will and Joel. I liked this ride a lot until it started moving.

Will and I are on The Guppy... and I'm clinging to the side for dear life.

This ride looked particularly wimpy so I thought I could handle it. Nope, the operator had to stop mid ride and take me off.

I even panicked a little on the Carousel.

Perhaps next year I'll be big enough to properly experience Lagoon. We still had such a blast and enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch and birthday cake . Thank you to Aunt Anna, Aunt Marie, Uncle Chad and Aunt Rachel for watching me so my mom could go on some of the scarier rides.

Phil Singer

This guy warrants his very own blog post because thanks to him my mom actually enjoyed a dinner with her friends without having to worry about me (or be terribly embarrassed by my HORRIBLE restaurant etiquette.)

Despite her better judgment, my mom decided to crash the fancy Singer-Clark graduation dinner at Carrabbas and (gasp) she brought me, her obnoxious toddler, along. She was the only non-family member and I was the only baby there (awkward). But because Jen and Julia are practically family anyways, and because Phil is so awesome with kids, everyone had a great time. Thank you Clarks and thank you Phil!!!
Seriously, if anyone should be procreating, its this guy and not that loser who knocked Jamie Lynn Spears up. Hopefully he will pass on his love for outrageously cool dress shirts.