Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Suit

My Mama De got me this Santa Suit. This pretty much sums up how I feel about it.

Here's my haul. Not bad.

A Very Elmo Christmas

Christmas morning finally arrived and I got the most presents by far- thanks Mama De! I had an Elmo themed Christmas. I especially loved my giant stuffed Elmo.

Here I am playing the bongo with Uncle Chris.

Carolling and Dancing

Next, my Great Aunt Anna handed out bells and she led us in a couple of carols. I think I messed everyone else up by jingling my bell when I wasn't supposed to. Then we all danced (quite enthusiastically) to Feliz Navidad.

Las Posadas

After eating a delicious meal of enchiladas, we had a Mexican Posada. We all dressed up as the Nativity members and went from room to room asking if there was room for Joseph and Mary in the inn. I was a shepard boy and here are my sheep.

My dad was a wise man.
The whole lot of us. Uncle Chris makes for a strange Jospeh.
And here we are- we finally found a place to stay in the manger.

Feliz Navidad

Our real Christmas Eve activity was a Mexican themed party at my Great Aunt Anna's, she's great by the way. We started off with a pinata that my Great Grandma (she's also great) assembled. I didn't care for the whacking of the pinata, but I did love the candy and fruit snacks that came out.

Christmas Eve at Cabela's

I can't think of a better Christmas Eve activity than braving the crowds and the blizzardy weather and making a trip to Cabela's, the world's foremost outfitter. Its like Sea World for hunting freaks. There were tons of stuffed animals (giant doggies as far as I was concerned), an aquarium with real live fish, a "gun library," and a shooting gallery where you can shoot at targets like a skunk which will "spray" you if you hit it. It was so much fun. Its like the zoo but FREE, and well, most of the animals are dead. Just as we were leaving, they announced a fish feeding at the aquarium. I'm glad we stuck around for that. They feed the fish LIVE GOLDFISH. Those little goldfish didn't have a chance, but it was sure fun to watch.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Naked Cowboy

And we'll follow up the temple post with this lovely post-tub moment.

Temple Lights

Pointing at Baby Jesus in the manger.

I love to see the temple, but I hate being thrust into photos with it.
One eager elder was kind enough to take our photo.
The wise men...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Post Carnival Fun

After the Carnival, we all went back to Aunt Re Re's apartment to warm up. She read books to me and then I got in my PJ's for the drive home. What a fun day!

Carnival Continued

One of the big attractions at the Carnival was the "ice skating" rink. There was going to be a rink brought in and put in the middle of town square. It turned out to be a bunch of plastic white tiles pieced together in a rink shape. It didn't matter though, everyone was lining up, gearing up and skating around like it ain't no thing. We didn't skate but we had fun watching everyone else "skate" (more like tip toe around) the rink.

When all the Carnival fun got boring, my mom cracked out my soccer ball and I dribbled around the grass for a good half hour.

Prescott Carnival

Like I mentioned before, Prescott is "Arizona's Christmas City." Yesterday, I got to enjoy all the Christmas festivities that this tiny little town has to offer at their Annual Christmas Carnival. We kept our eyes peeled for the Burtons because I'm sure they were also there. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see my buddies Sam and Isaac. But here are some things I did get to see:

- Santa Claus himself. The best part was that my mommy didn't have to pay to take a photo of him and he gave me three suckers.
- A horse drawn carriage.
- Lots and lots of dogs. Prescott is a very dog-friendly city.
- The Grinch, although I didn't take a photo with him because my mom is too cheap.
- Freedom Freddie. Aunt Re Re's friend Ashley (and future roommate) took me to say HI. He gave me a sticker.
- Two guys singing and dancing (quite seriously) to Michael Jackson's tunes. I gave them two quarters for their efforts.

Every where we went, people were giving me free stuff: balloons, candy, a jingle bell to wear around my neck, candy canes decorated like reindeer, gingerbread men, etc. It was so much fun. Whenever I didn't want to move on to the next booth, I simply used my expert skills in passive aggression (much to my mom's complete horror): I would quietly and calmly lie down in the middle of the road and refuse to move. This technique bought me five extra minutes at the booth with all the puppies.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chillaxing with Uncle Dan

Feeling Even Better Now

My mom and dad let me open my Christmas present early since we'll be in Utah and they didn't want to drag a basketball hoop up there with them. I'm a natural baller... check me out.

Feeling A Little Better

We've been doing some fun things lately. We went to Milano's music and I played with lots of musical instruments like pianos, drums and guitars. Uncle Dan liked the electric bass. I also got to go on the Carousel at the mall with my mom and I didn't like it one bit. Waste of two bucks.


I've been pretty sick lately. Luckily, Uncle Dan arrived just in time to read stories with me and play tackle on his bed.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


With our matching green sweaters and jeans, my dad and I could be twins.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter Has Arrived...

...everywhere except Arizona. Its still flip-flop weather here, but my mom is so excited about going to Utah in a few weeks that she's already cracked out the winter clothes. I've got some growing to do if I'm going to fit into Dax's hand-me-downs.

I could be the newest Teletubbie in this little outfit. Introducing... Beanie-Weanie.