Monday, November 13, 2006


Welcome to the Booker Bean blog! I started this blog because my family lives all over the world. My Grandpa Tueller and Mama D live all the way over in the hot desert of Kuwait. My two goofy uncles, Danny and Chris live there too. My cool aunt Marie lives up chilly Utah and my uncle, Elder David Tueller is serving an LDS mission in Nashville, Tennessee. Right now he is in Kentucky. Also, my Grandma Proffitt is going to serve a mission in Berlin, Germany. Now all the people who think I am cute can check my blog (from wherever they are) and see how much cuter I've gotten.

By the way, my mom likes to sing a song that goes like this,

I love you Booker Bean
Oh yes, I do
I love you Booker Bean
And I'll be true
When you're not near me
Oh, Booker, Booker Bean
I love you

That's why my blog is called Booker Bean. It's also because when I was born I came out all curled up like a bean. Sometimes when my daddy is feeling politically incorrect, he calls me beaner.

Here is a photo of my very first appearance and a photo of me right now in my new puppy dog pajamas. Boy, have I come a long way or what?!

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jpdunyon said...

Well that is just about the cutest blog I've ever seen! I might actually keep looking at that one. I can't decide if you are super creative or have way too much time on your hands...Love you!