Monday, January 29, 2007

MTV Cribs: Part 2

Next we have my changing table. This is where I empty my bladder as soon as my diaper has come off.

Here is my book shelf. It houses all my books and a few more toys. It also holds my rockin' sound system. I like to rock out to "Sounds of the Ocean" and "Womb Noises" at night. I don't really know what the womb noises are all about, but they sound vaguely familiar.

This is where I "get my eat on." Well, my mommy wouldn't let me show off where I usually get my eat on (she's so prude), so this will have to do. I especially like cereal and apple juice.

Last, but certainly not least, I'll take you outside to see my rides. I've got my deluxe stroller (thanks Uncle Spencer), my sporty stroller (thanks Grandpa T), my infant carrier (thanks Aunt Joy) and my new big boy carseat which I'll be ready for any day now.

Thanks for stopping by MTV. Now get out of my crib!

1 comment:

Matty J said...

Sweet crib. Your rides are sick. Those are some hot 5's on your sports stroller.