Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rie Rie

We made it to Tucson and I finally got to see my aunt Marie. Cameras were not allowed, so we had to sneak a photo of us in the lobby. Marie seemed happy, healthy and excited to have visitors. She showed us around the grounds (where I got to see horses) and then we ate dinner with her and the other patients.

All the other patients were excited to see a baby and they paid lots of attention to me. One guy kept telling everyone that I was there because I had a "bottle addiction." Puh-lease. I don't even drink bottles any more! More like a fruit snack addiction.

We had a lot of fun visiting Marie (well, as much fun as a baby can have when he visits rehab :) I was pretty pooped and slept the whole way home. We miss you, Marie and can't wait to pick you up in a few weeks!

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Diane said...

Booker, I'm so glad you went to see Marie. Your face can cure anything. We wish you would bring it to see your Uncle Danny next.