Monday, October 1, 2007

Frijole Internacional

I'm a border hopping bean! Mexico was crowded and dirty, but also lots of fun. I got some cool new toys like a set of maracas, a sombrero and a wooden snake. I suffered from a little bit of culture shock and spent the first hour staring blankly ahead in my stroller. But with some beans and rice in my tummy, I warmed up to the new and exciting environment. Everyone kept calling me Gordito (even though I'm more of a Flacito) and they gave my mom some sweet discounts because I'm so dang cute. The line to get back into the EUA was LONG but overall, my first trip out of the country was lots of fun.

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The Burtons said...

Booker, you are so cute! We are so glad you came and played with us today. Come back soon! We should plan a trip to Mexico together. We go every year!