Sunday, December 16, 2007

Prescott Carnival

Like I mentioned before, Prescott is "Arizona's Christmas City." Yesterday, I got to enjoy all the Christmas festivities that this tiny little town has to offer at their Annual Christmas Carnival. We kept our eyes peeled for the Burtons because I'm sure they were also there. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see my buddies Sam and Isaac. But here are some things I did get to see:

- Santa Claus himself. The best part was that my mommy didn't have to pay to take a photo of him and he gave me three suckers.
- A horse drawn carriage.
- Lots and lots of dogs. Prescott is a very dog-friendly city.
- The Grinch, although I didn't take a photo with him because my mom is too cheap.
- Freedom Freddie. Aunt Re Re's friend Ashley (and future roommate) took me to say HI. He gave me a sticker.
- Two guys singing and dancing (quite seriously) to Michael Jackson's tunes. I gave them two quarters for their efforts.

Every where we went, people were giving me free stuff: balloons, candy, a jingle bell to wear around my neck, candy canes decorated like reindeer, gingerbread men, etc. It was so much fun. Whenever I didn't want to move on to the next booth, I simply used my expert skills in passive aggression (much to my mom's complete horror): I would quietly and calmly lie down in the middle of the road and refuse to move. This technique bought me five extra minutes at the booth with all the puppies.

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