Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Some Updates in the Life of Ike

I've started smiling. Of course, when my mom pulls out the camera those sweet smiles disappear.

According to this awesome onesie, I've become the captain of a pirate ship. Argh.

I'm going bald on the sides of my head rather than the back, probably a result of sleeping on my stomach. Don't worry, though- I may sleep on my stomach but there's a fan in my room which (according to this article) reduces my risk SIDS by 72%.


sherry said...

I just read that article too! Maybe that is why our whole extended family of belly sleeping babies have never had a problem with SIDS. Or we just have healthy babies. Where did you get that onesie?

Michelle said...

Argh :) I'm glad to see the onesie fits! :)