Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

For trick-or-treating, we decided to hit up the family friendly neighborhood of Marana with our buddies, the Matsons. Trick-or-treating was a great combination of candy and new faces for Booker- he loved it. He didn't love the spooked out houses but endured the scary decorations in order to get a piece of candy. 

Our good natured little hotdog. 

Its no chicken costume, but at least he wore the hat.

Rachel, Sarah, Ren and Booker

Baby buddies, Ike & Tait (1 week apart)

Ren as Indiana Jones

Chocolate face

Booker, looking for a place to stash his haul so mom and dad will stop picking at it. You might notice the spit up on Ike's costume. Ren thought that was pretty gross so we told him that Ike was a hot dog with mustard and a little bit of mayo. 

A tractor/hay ride for the super serious trick-or-treaters.

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