Thursday, February 5, 2009


I know what you're thinking:

Booker, you have such a bold sense of fashion. 
Booker, you look so very... European today. 
I wish I had the guts to wear capri pants. 

What you may not know? My mom was a bit frazzled this morning and put my little brother's pants on me without realizing it. Now you're thinking:

Man, I wish I had a booty that let me wear 3-6 months sized pants. 

And maybe:

Yikes, who gave you that haircut? And why doesn't someone wipe your nose?


Carly said...

Booker, you are so cool.

Mom said...

Great-uncle Win wears man-capris all the time, so Booker looks totally normal to me! (That's the effect that a trip to France and living in Venezuela have had on my husband's fashion sense. Shorts are too sloppy-looking for Caracas, but the capri-length is acceptable.)