Monday, May 4, 2009

Dirty Boys

These guys love to play out on the driveway while they wait for their dad to get home. I hate to think what the neighbors think. 


the coltons said...

is ike covered in MUD???

ahh, boys :)

kate won't set foot in the sandbox outside.

Little Red said...

he's covered in oreo actually. a single oreo.

Cherise said...

Pre-kids I used to wonder HOW mothers could let their kids go outside barefoot, eat dirt and rocks, have a crusty nose etc. Now I have realized that if they are happy... so am I! I have learned to let some things go.
Cute pictures. My boys play outside every evening too. It's like my sanity hour. -and theirs too.

Diane said...

If the neighbors are smart the think: look at those happy, lucky boys.

grauntbetsy said...

Di stole the words out of my typing. They look so happy.