Friday, August 21, 2009

Gymnastics Class

Booker just started a gymnastics class that he absolutely loves. Here's how the first class went down...

B: Mom, I have gymnastics class today.
M: Yep
B: You and Ikie (yes, Ikie) are going to watch me.
M: Yep, we're going to watch you.
B: You are going to clap for me.
M: Heck yeah, I'm going to clap LOUD for you because I'm so proud.
B: No, mom. Just clap softly.
Sad M: Ok, buddy, I'll just clap softly.

He's way too young to be embarrassed by his mother, right?! Or is that something that all little boys are just born with?

Here he is showing off his stamps (and his sweaty little head). He gets a pretty good work out in, you know- for a three year old.


Emily said...

Yay Booker!!

Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

His hair is all very blonde again. Tell Clark.