Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Record keeping stuff

Booker- age 3
Booker loves being independent. He insists on getting himself dressed each morning and picking out his own clothes. Sometimes he doubles up on his underwear on accident. His cousin Trigg gave him a pair of cowboy boots and he ADORES them- wears them everywhere. You can hear him coming from a mile away when his wears his boots.

Did I mention he loves being independent? He doesn't like getting help for anything. On several occasions, he's dropped his pants wherever we are so he can go pee-pee by himself (which is fine when we're at the park, not so fine when we're at the grocery store- I have to watch him closely.) He doesn't like using the women's bathroom and insists on going into the men's bathroom by himself.

Booker also loves being helpful. His favorite chore is using the pooper scooper to pick up dog poop. When I'm not looking he'll grab the pooper scooper and head outside. Normally, I wouldn't mind him doing this but it means I have to stop whatever I'm doing to hold the plastic bag for him. He also loves scrubbing and/or skimming the pool.

Booker loves computer games at almost as much as he loves scooping poop. He's figured out to open and close windows and operate the mouse. Scary. I can get him to do just about anything if I bribe him with computer games.

Booker loves living in a neighborhood full of kids. He keeps asking to ride the school bus and go to school. He loves living by his best friend, Rachel although he's a homebody and prefers to have Rachel come and play at his house instead of hers. He also loves it when Kennedy shows up to play with/watch him.

Booker went to his first week of Sunbeams. He didn't hesitate or cry when he walked into the Primary room which was a relief. Instead he told me that big kids go to Primary and that he's now a big kid. When I asked him what he learned he told me, "nuffin" which has always been his reply when I ask. I know he's learning something though because he knows the words to "I Am a Child of God" and reminds me that "Jesus likes it when he is nice to his brother." He also got a CTR ring from his teacher but refuses to wear it. Instead he likes to put it in his pocket to keep it safe.

Ike- age 16 months
Teichert is quickly growing up and gaining more personality each day. He's recently formed an attachment with his blankie and now we have to bring it everywhere we go. He loves eating prunes and getting them all over his face (see above). His true love, though is CANDY. Lots and lots of candy. This kid goes crazy for candy and races for the registers as soon as we enter a grocery store. His first two word string was "bwee share" (please share)- a plea for Booker to share his candy with him. Other words that Ike can say- daddy, hi, bye, shoe, bath, doggie, ball, go, catch, sit and night-night. Still no mommy though.

Ike is down to one nap a day, usually from the mid morning to 1 or 2 in the afternoon. He goes back in his crib in the late afternoon for some quiet time. Honestly, I think he gets sick of me and Booker and enjoys the alone time with his blankie. He is a breeze to put down for naps and bedtime. He just needs his blankie and sippy cup full of milk. No rocking, singing or cuddling for this boy.

Ike is a nightmare at church. We're counting down the days until nursery. He's not the type of kid to sit still in your lap, he's all over the place- probably looking for more candy.

Overall, I'm surprised with how different he is from his brother. He can be a clingy kid and doesn't like it when I leave him with someone else. But if you give him your undivided attention, he's full of love and sweetness. And if you give him candy, he's your best friend for life. Just don't try and take away his blankie. That is Booker's favorite new way to torture him.

When Booker isn't torturing him, Ike loves to follow him around like a puppy dog. If Booker is naked then Ike starts tugging on his clothes to get them off. When Booker builds a fort and runs around like a madman, Ike is two steps behind him- until he gets knocked over and comes running to me crying. A few kisses and he's back in the saddle. I have a feeling these two are going to be good buddies.

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cute post :) it's good to do these kinds of posts now and then ... i am the worst at keeping a baby book! the blog comes in handy :)