Friday, March 5, 2010


Pretty much every single day Booker does something to make me laugh. I'd like to be better at recording these funny moments... so here goes.


While my mom was visiting last week, Booker asked her why she had a "big, fat belly." She explained that when you get older, sometimes you get a big, fat belly. Upon seeing my pregnant sister a few days ago, Booker explained, "Rie-rie, you must be older because you have a big, fat belly."


Which leads to an explanation of babies and how they grow in tummies. Later on, Booker told me that he wanted a baby sister...
M: But Booker, what if we have a baby brother and not a sister?
B: Like two Ike's?
M: Yes, like two Ike's.
B: No, I want a baby sister.


This morning, he wanted some help putting on his socks...
B: Mom, which sock goes on this foot?
M: It doesn't matter. You can put whatever sock on whatever foot. Shoes, on the other hand, are special. You see, each foot is special and needs a particular shoe. Socks don't matter.
B: Mom, both my feet are special.
M: Yes, yes they are.


Booker is no longer my little boy. He's not interested in Diego, Dora or Backyardigans like he used to be. Instead, he's obsessed with Star Wars and Indiana Jones (hasn't seen any of the movies, but has picked up enough to know the main characters.) All day long, he walks around assigning characters...
B: Mom, you're Princess Leia. I'm Luke Skywalker and Ike is Little Luke Skywalker.
M: Ok.
B: And Fergus is Chewy.
M: Ok.
B: No actually, Mom, I'm Darth Vader and Ike is little Darth Vader. My light saber is red. Luke's is blue. You don't have a light saber... you have a gun.


There you have it. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Clark, feel free to pitch in on the comments! I've got a terrible memory.


Carly said...

Man, I can't wait until Sadie says cool things.

How about this- let's just get pregnant at the same time. If I have a girl you can have her and if you have a boy I can have him. Good luck explaining the big nose she'd have.

Jennifer Singer said...

What? Marie's pregnant??? I had no idea! Very exciting.