Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Booker Turns Four!

Booker had his 4th birthday yesterday and we decided to celebrate with family this year. We invited his cousins from Mesa to come over for a pool party. Booker was eagerly anticipating his party the entire week before- "How many more days until my cousins come to my house?" He had such a blast. Thanks to everyone who came!
Mama Ginger (Booker's great grandma) helping Ike with cake and ice cream.

We've never had so many people in our pool at once- it was awesome! Here the older cousins are making a whirlpool.

We let him open presents on Sunday even though it was the day before his birthday, that way Clark could be around to play many a round of Dora Candyland with us. A friend of mine suggested that he might like the Legos Star Wars Wii game. Holy cow, he's obsessed. He'll do just about any chore I require of him to play more Legos Star Wars. He also loves his new Storm Trooper costume. He's been sleeping in it at night. Two nights ago, Booker came wandering into our room at 4 o'clock in the morning fully decked out in his costume. He whispers, "Know what, dad? Storm troopers can see in the dark." It's true they can, but unfortunately the ability to see in the dark doesn't help when you need to go pee. Thankfully he went back to bed.

Happy birthday, Booker! We love you so much.

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