Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Grover meets Ataturk

Turkey's founding father.

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Willson said...

That six minutes of injury time were the longest of my life. I was working on the US west coast at the time and had managed to fly back for the cup final but the establishment had rumbled me and there was no chance of attending the play-off final.

I spent the match piecing together what I could from a much less mature internet and then phoned home with about ten minutes to go. The line stayed open as my hapless partner commentated on the game for me - a mixture of strangled oohs, aaaahs and yelps.

When the whistle blew it was still relatively early on a weekend morning. Although I felt nearly as exhausted as the team all I wanted to do was celebrate - but the bright Californian sunshine was totally the wrong place. I wanted to be dancing down Hainton Avenue.

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