Friday, June 8, 2007

Heart of a Champion


Buddy Bell said...

I have viewed your highlight tape from 2007 and I am pleased to inform you that I believe there is a spot for you in the Kansas City Royal's bullpen. You will be contacted shortly with contract information. If you accept our offer, please report to Triple-A Omaha as soon as possible. We will plan on working with you for a short time there on a few minor mechanics issues. We will determine there whether you are prepared for the rigors of the majors. If your development continues as rapidly as it has thusfar, we believe you will be called up to our Kansas City club as early as June 21. Look forward to calling you from the bullpen soon.

Buddy Bell

KrumperKids said...

Great joy for the Krumperkids when they realized they get to meet Booker this summer. He has some fans in Seattle!