Sunday, June 3, 2007

Kid Rock, meet Baba Rock

My Baba is a pretty neat guy. Throughout his career, he's met a lot of important people. He escorted Hilary Clinton to Princess Diana's funeral. He's rubbed elbows with Colin Powell and Condi Rice. He breaks bread with presidents and dignitaries on a regular basis.

But this is BY FAR the coolest of them all. Yes, folks, that is Kid Rock. Kid Rock of Pamela Anderson fame. Pamela Anderson of Borat fame (which, my mother is ashamed to admit, was the first movie I ever saw in the cinema). My Baba is so cool (or perhaps nerdy) that he even asked Kid whether or not he had seen Borat yet. Kid was of course in the midst of a divorce after a quickie marriage to Pam. DUH! Maybe Baba ought to swap his New Yorker subscription for an Us Weekly subscription then he would avoid such embarrassing moments.

I wonder if Dora the Explorer or the Backyardigans will be touring with the USO anytime soon. Now, that would be sweet!

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Jen and Phil Singer said...

I'm surprised your baba even knew who Kid Rock was! Wow, he really is hip.