Thursday, February 7, 2008

Angie & Baba

Check out this video, where I swear Angie makes eyes at my very own Baba. Brad Pitt better watch his back. Oh, and in case you were wondering about that plate of food in front of her- don't be fooled... she doesn't actually eat. Here's Baba's report:

It was a madhouse. Word had leaked out enough that there was going to be a special guest in the DFAC that there were crowds of people there with their cameras.

She is very nice, intelligent, serious about the refugee cause, and I cannot imagine how she survives given that she cannot take a step anywhere without crowds of people and cameras in her face. We had selected a group of troops and embassy officers to sit and have lunch. She was extremely sweet to all the people at the table, spent lots of time chatting with everyone, and agreed politely to every request for photos, autographs, waves.
Let's see what else? For lunch she had chicken fried steak, potatoes, corn with red peppers, and a diet pepsi. She ate very little of it however (you can see her nibbling in the cnn footage). I had mushroom soup, crab meat wrap, and a gatorade, but of course none of you care about that. So that is my day in Baghdad.

CRAZY. My Baba is officially the coolest grandpa ever (at least in my mom's eyes). Here's another video clip. Stay tuned for more photos...


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet!

Dan and Jannalee Evans and Family said...


tish said...

Angelina Jolie is a beautiful women/actress/humanitarian.
She gives so much from the heart. Tks for sharing.

The Burtons said...

Big whupdi-freaking-doo
I have lunch with her on thursdays and we swap babysitting every third Saturday. Plus were pretty sure your "Baba" re-arranged the name tags while no-one was looking!

All things considered, normal people might be jealous.