Monday, February 11, 2008


Yesterday was a big day for me- I went to nursery for the first time! This day could not have come any sooner for my parents.

It turns out, I love Nursery!!! I loved coloring, loved snack time, and loved bubble time. I hated singing time, though, and shot my stink eye at all the other singing Nursery-ites. I loved it so much, I threw a tantrum when my mom come to pick me up. I'll have to work on that. I can't wait until next Sunday!


sherry said...

This is a great milestone! I love it when they get into nursery. Now you remember what it used to be like when you were able to sit in church and pay attention to the lesson! Consider the time from now until the new baby is a few months old to be the golden era where you can get your church fix. Then you'll have to start counting down the days until the new one gets to go!

Dan and Jannalee Evans and Family said...

So cute! You are very lucky he loves it so much!

The Burtons said...

How awesome! Nursery rocks. We're glad you had such a good time. When will you know if you are moving to Prescott?