Thursday, October 20, 2011

Six Months!


Today is your six month birthday! Time has flown by. Please, please, please stop growing up. The older you get, the less plausible my baby weight excuse grows. Plus, I miss your sweet newborn ear lobe fuzz.


Here's what we know about you so far...

Eyes: blue. Hair: bald. Eyebrows: none. Teeth: two bottom ones. Diaper size: size 3. You take 3 naps a day, each nap lasts 1 to 2 hours long. I'm glad you sleep so much but it sure makes running errands hard. You go to bed around 6:30, wake up around 6:30. You sit up, you roll over, you shift and scooch around on your belly. I definitely can't leave you unattended on the bed anymore.


You're no longer nursing (as of a few days ago). I'm sad about that. But now that you're on formula, you're FINALLY sleeping through the night. So not too sad. You hold your own bottle. You've tried rice cereal, bananas and butternut squash with corn. The other day, your dad fed you three peas at dinnertime. The following morning, I found three peas in your diaper.


You have a dimple on your left cheek. Your umbilical hernia healed and your belly button looks normal! You have your dad's feet and his coloring too. When I pick you up, you feel so heavy and solid.

This is what your tired face looks like...


You no longer like your pacifier, which is a little annoying but at least we don't have to worry about weaning you from it. To put you to sleep, I lay you down, put on your white noise machine, you cry for a few minutes and then fall asleep. You like the sounds of the ocean.


You drool all the time. Can you see the two little crooked teeth in the photo below? You have never been sick. I'm so grateful for this.


You've reached the stage where you need more entertainment than you did previously. Usually a toy or two (to chew on) will suffice but sometimes you'd rather sit near your two brothers and laugh at their antics.

Asher, you are so sweet and I love you dearly.

Your Mama

P.S. Your Aunt Cassie gave you that awesome old school BYU shirt. She also gave you your newest cousin, Everett. I'm glad you have a buddy close in age.

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