Monday, May 21, 2007

Boston Baked Bean

So here I was, just hanging out in my Red Sox gear like I always do on game days and I start hearing some SMACK questioning my allegiance.

You can't believe everything you hear from a dirty Mavericks fan...

Actually, I heard the Mavs gave Daniel "Dirty Diaper" Nielson a coaching audition. He told Dirk he should take it easy and save himself for the second round. No wonder he's only coaching women's b-ball now.

Plus I hear he's a stinkin' drunk... which explains the wedding to Groucho Mc'NoWax over there.

I'm just glad my parents are true Bo' Sox fans and only have hair in appropriate places.

Booyakasha. Respek!

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Carly said...

Margaret I think this picture and the new profile picture of Booker are the cutest pictures of any baby EVER. And I mean ever. I wish you had got him in that outfit on tape. Seriously, Daniel and I can't stop talking about how cute the pictures are. In fact, we are thinking of stealing the pictures and putting them in our future child's scrapbook to up the cute factor.