Friday, May 11, 2007

A Day of Near Death Experiences

Today when my mom was doing laundry she stumbled upon a spider that has been living in the laundry room. She screamed so loudly that it quickly ran away. Later on, it also eluded my dad who was under strict orders to KILL it. He got a good look though, and he thinks it is a wolf spider.
People keep those things as pets. Not me.

Anyways, my mom decided to leave the laundry for later and go shopping instead. While we were on the freeway, the car in front of us had a blowout and starting spinning out of control. My mom slammed on the brakes which made me cry, but, miraculously, we were able to stop in time. No one was hurt.

I had had enough excitement for one day, so thank goodness this last thing happened after I was in bed. My trusty dog, Brody was sniffing at something when my dad noticed a GIGANTIC scorpion hanging out on the very carpet where I play everyday!

Its time to call the bug guy.


Great Aunt Di said...

What a day. Im so glad everyone is ok.

callie said...

Mom has a great bug guy. His name is Kelly Phelps I think. He's like $35 to come spray the whole inside and outside. It keeps the house bug free for a good 2 to 3 months. We like him alot.