Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Balloon Rage

One thing I learned about my moms last night: Do NOT cut in front of her with your four kids when she's been waiting in line for a balloon sword for 20 minutes because she WILL yell at you and she will NOT hesitate to ask for a second balloon sword when I bite my first one and pop it. It was all worth it just to see this face...Some more fun things: waiting my turn politely (and sometimes not so politely) to drive the school bus.
And here I am watching the jazz band with my Baba.
It was my best new year's to date. We didn't make it to the 9:00 fireworks, and we definitely didn't make it to the fireworks at midnight but it was still such a fun night!

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graunt Betsy said...

Thanks for blogging. We love your BLOG!!!!!