Sunday, January 13, 2008

Words I Say (With Translation)

Go = go
Daddy = doggie
Titty = kitty
Ball = ball
Hi = hi
Shooooooooe = shoe
Nan-nie = I want...
Mom = No, seriously I want...
Buh-bie = Bye bye
Oh-tay = I'm excited
Oh-oh = oh-oh

Words I understand and can identify but refuse to say:
Mom, dad, no, balloon, night-night, toothbrush, truck, soft, kisses, hugs, nap, wash your hair, Brody, hot-dog, drink, chocolate sippie, Elmo, Doodlebops, belly, ears, eyes, sword, stories, bite, please, play, bath, shower, earplugs, shoot a hoop and banana.

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