Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fun with Dax and Addie

I had so much fun yesterday with Dax and Addie. You should have seen how excited Dax was when he found out that we could have matching outfits. Check out our cool Dino shirts and camo pants.

The Garns have one SWEET backyard...
Check out my trampoline hair...Addie and I played a very complex game of put the rocks in the water bucket. It captured our attention for ten whole minutes!
But my favorite may have been the tether-ball. A ball that always comes back to you- brilliant!


Petra said...

Margaret, Booker looks just like you as a child in that picture of him and Addie on the swing. Same smile, I guess? Whoa.

Booker Bean said...

Crazy, I had the same exact thought! Its that same cheesy/goofy smile.