Friday, January 2, 2009

Butterfly Exhibit

Earlier this week we went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens to see the Butterfly Exhibit. Its a basically a very humid greenhouse (hence the foggy photos) with tons of butterflies from all over the world. We walked around the gardens first, looking at compost piles and various herbs and plants, saving the butterflies for last. Booker was a little scared at first but quickly warmed up once he had a magnifying glass to spot the butterflies with (he refused to look at them without it). He nearly crunched several butterflies who were hanging out near the ground with his feet and even managed to knock a couple off their branches with his big noggin. Teichert slept in his car seat the whole time but woke up as we left the greenhouse because both he and his car seat had to be thoroughly examined for any "hitchhikers." None found. It was so much fun we're going again tomorrow with the Matsons. 

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