Monday, January 5, 2009

A Few of Booker's Favorite Things

Favorite Snacks: Goldfish crackers, clementines, pickles and fruit snacks
Favorite Breakfast: Cinnamon life cereal
Favorite Lunch: PB & J sandwich, as long as he gets to help make it
Favorite Dinner: Mac & Cheese or as he likes to call it, "Monsteroni and Cheese"
Favorite Drink: Milk in a Lightening McQueen sippy cup, Elmo doesn't make the cut anymore
Favorite TV Show: Super Why

Favorite Books: This week, the Little Critter series

Favorite Movies: Monsters, Inc and Cars
Favorite Outfit: Mr. Walrus shirt with some athletic shorts, sneakers with no socks
Favorite PJs: Puppy dog PJs
Favorite Shape: Triangle
Favorite Letter: O
Favorite Friend: Sarah Matson
Favorite Cousin: Addie because she called him on the phone
Favorite Aunt: Callie because she feeds him at family dinner
Favorite Songs: Popcorn Popping, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider
Favorite Nighttime activity: Dance parties on mom & dad's bed. Thanks for the Bose sound system, Baba!
Favorite Stuffed Animals: Bolt (previously named Monty) the dog and Brody the dog
Favorite Wii game: Cow racing on Wii Play

Favorite game: Anything that involves a ball
Favorite "nap" time activity: Playing with cars on his bed
Favorite made-up word: "Don-don" (it means bad)
Favorite bath time activity: Jumping out of the tub, evading the towel (using mom and dad's sheets instead) and running around the house "nakey-jakey" style
Favorite bath time toy: Teichert
Favorite driving activity: Spotting tractors
Favorite park: Jacob's Memorial park
Favorite thing to draw: Dolphins
Favorite game of pretend: Climbing the mountain, going to school and checking the mail for letters from Baba
Favorite thing to yell out in the middle of the night: "I WANT A PICKLE"
Favorite thing to yell out in the middle of Sacrament Meeting: "WHERE'S BISHOP?"
Favorite day of the week: Sunday, because he gets to go to nursery
Favorite activity to do with dad: Jogging at night in the jogging stroller
Favorite activity to do with mom: Read books on her bed

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Callie and Bryce Christiansen said...

My life is now fulfilled because I made Bokkers favorite aunt. I love that kid. Can I call him too?