Friday, January 23, 2009

To My Second Child

Dear Teichert Blaine, 

Sometimes I worry that I don't love you as much as your older brother. You see, I've known Booker a little bit longer than you. I've changed more of his diapers, cleaned up more of his vomit, held him through countless fevers. You've never even had a fever. You're easy. When I really think about it, I don't love you less, just a little differently. 

And since its so easy for you to go unnoticed, to become just another prop in Booker's one-man-show, here are some of my favorites things to "love on you" for:

- You make the greatest baby Chewbacca noises. No one can come close to emulating you. 
- You take eating so seriously. You're a man after my own heart. No one gets between you and your breast. 
- Your eyes are slightly greener than Booker's, which is about the only difference between you two. Maybe they will be hazel and my heart will be full. 
- You're so happy when you have someone to talk to. We love hearing your stories. 
- You're quick to forgive. In one day, you rolled off the bed, fell out of your swing and dove out of your Bumbo seat. You didn't hold a grudge or judge me for not watching you more closely. 
- Your face lights up each morning when I fetch you from your crib. Even on the mornings when I have to wake you up, you're thrilled to see me. 

- Oh, and I love the goofy smile you always give Booker and the noises you make for him only. You don't make them for me or your dad. 

So as the weekend starts and your dad and I think of fun things for Booker to do, I promise that you're not just along for the ride. I promise that when Booker is having quiet time, I'll let you talk to me. You can tell me how loud and crazy he is and I will agree. I promise to stop constantly comparing you to your older brother. You two may look like twins, but I'm hoping that you'll be as different as your namesakes. I promise that you will be my favorite second child because second children are the best. I love you. 

Your mom


Joy said...

What a sweet post! That is such a neat thing to have in print. Along with the pictures, it's priceless.

the coltons said...

do they really look alike? i realize i'm mostly going off the last few years' christmas cards, but i think booker looks just like you and i'm guessing teichert looks just like clark? either way, i see a lot of differences :)