Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun with the Evans

We spent the weekend at the Evans house while the older Evans tromped around in the wilderness like pioneers. I think I got a little taste of what it must have been like for my Dad and Baba to have so many sisters.
Here we are watching Enchanted for like the fourth time.

Outside on the swing set. My new favorite word: PUSH.

Going down the slide.

Watching a movie with Sammy.

Communal cheese crisp plate.

I became Sammy's personal dolly.

Some classic Sammy moments:

Sammy to Clark: "Where's your mom?" (referring of course to Margaret)

Margaret to Sammy after she licked all the frosting off her cupcake: "Sammy, eat the rest of your cupcake."
Sammy's reply: "Its only a muffin, Margaret."

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The Burtons said...

All those girls are just too cute. How fun! I like the picture of Booker on the swing. I wish I could immerse my boys with lots of girls sometimes. Girls are so good!