Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Fun from the Ostrich Festival

This is me before I realized my head was stuck.

And this is me panicking.

We weren't brave enough to try the ostrich meat.

I look pretty mean with that zebra tattoo on my arm.

What a cute family of ostriches!

Here are the ostriches hanging out before the big race. Notice their little ostrich saddles. We waited around hoping to see what an ostrich jockey looks like. No luck, sadly.

Here we are on the Freedom Fire Truck at the end of the day. I spent the entire day coveting the balloons that every other child seemed to have. Finally, I got my own and I was mesmerized.


sherry said...

How fun! I knew nothing of the ostrich festival! How long is it going on? Is it a one weekend thing? You should have tried an ostrich burger. Wendell and I had a friend in Payson who raised ostriches (and let us use his quads) and we used to eat ostrich burgers there. It tastes similar to beef, but less fatty. They're quite good for you. Yum!

Booker Bean said...

Apparently its been going on for 20 years! Its a one weekend thing. We wanted to go to the Renaissance Festival, but this was much cheaper and probably had more animals. Yeah, they kept selling the meat as being "the healthy red meat." I was still too scared to try it.

The Burtons said...

Booker, ostrich meat is acutally really good. Looks like you had such a good time! Is it still going?