Saturday, March 1, 2008


We were back in Prescott yesterday and today because my Daddy had an interview with a Phoenix firm that has a small Prescott branch. His interview went well and there's a chance I might be moving up north! After the interview, we hung out with my Aunt Marie and her friends, JJ and Jack.

Jack gave me this awesome coon hat. We stayed the night at Aunt Marie's apartment and woke up early to have breakfast at Hotel St. Michael (you can see it in the background here). It was SO DELICIOUS. My mom has already decided that if we move to Prescott we'll have to make a monthly tradition out of it.
Here we are in Town Square, hanging out with some local cowboys. When my mom asked them why they were dressed up, they said "because they could." That's Prescott for you... its everybody's hometown.As always, we had a really fun time. We can't wait to get back up there so we can hang out some more with the Burtons!

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