Saturday, May 3, 2008

Phil Singer

This guy warrants his very own blog post because thanks to him my mom actually enjoyed a dinner with her friends without having to worry about me (or be terribly embarrassed by my HORRIBLE restaurant etiquette.)

Despite her better judgment, my mom decided to crash the fancy Singer-Clark graduation dinner at Carrabbas and (gasp) she brought me, her obnoxious toddler, along. She was the only non-family member and I was the only baby there (awkward). But because Jen and Julia are practically family anyways, and because Phil is so awesome with kids, everyone had a great time. Thank you Clarks and thank you Phil!!!
Seriously, if anyone should be procreating, its this guy and not that loser who knocked Jamie Lynn Spears up. Hopefully he will pass on his love for outrageously cool dress shirts.

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