Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lagoon... Part Crazy

Who knew my great Aunt Rachel was such an adventurous and crazy thrill-seeker!?!? No seriously, who knew? Because we definitely didn't. While at Lagoon, she opted to go on the SCARIEST ride in the park- the bungee jump!!!
Pre-jump Rachel.

Pre-jump Rachel hanging there and waiting to be pulled up.

I can't remember the exact height, but it was HIGH!

Flying ALL OVER Farmington... or whatever North Salt Lake neighborhood that is.

She had to grab a big stick to slow herself down once it was all over. I gotta wonder if she was sore the next day. Crazy... just crazy.

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Diane said...

thank you, thank you for posting the pictures of Rachel. they were amazing. It is amazing that she did it and that you had evidence.