Saturday, May 3, 2008

More Utah Fun

On our last night in Utah, we finally got to see my Uncle Dan (it had been 4 whole months!) First, we took Uncles Dan and Chris for some much needed haircuts. Don't worry, I didn't get a haircut but I refuse to be left out of anything so I pretended like I did.

Then we went to Tucanos for dinner. Leave it to my Uncle Dan to choose perhaps one of the busiest (and most expensive) restaurants in Provo. It was a madhouse of endless grilled meat and plentiful salad buffet. I only managed to shatter one glass, get one cut on my face, and annoy just a few fellow diners. I'd call it a success for sure!

Some other fun habits I picked up in Utah...

Wearing other people's shoes- in particular, my Baba's slippers. They were definitely hard to walk in. You'll notice a pot of poinsettias in the background of this picture. They were a good indication of the state of disarray my Mama De's house was in. Which was good for me, I got to watch A TON of Dora while my mom was busy cleaning.

Another bad habit I picked up while in Utah- picking my nose. I've been doing it so much lately, that I fell asleep one night with my finger up my nose. My great Aunt Marie had a good suggestion for my mom to distract me. However, I soon realized that every time my mom asked me where my hands were, she didn't really want to know... she just wanted me to stop picking my nose. Now I just ignore her and keep on mining away.

Some other fun things we did while in Utah...
- Took several walks with Baba, Mama De and Chris
- Played the new Mario Kart for Wii with Chris
- Watched episodes of Planet Earth and got overly excited about each and every "AN-MAL"
- Wore out my Great-Grandma Tueller with tons and tons of playing
- Went to a UVSC baseball game
- Ate BYU creamery ice cream
- Ate Sub Zero ice cream which stinks in comparison
- Had a delicious Cafe Rio lunch with my great-grandparents and Baba
- Played in the snow on May 1st... yes, May 1st.

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