Saturday, May 3, 2008


While we were in Utah, my mom's cousin Emma invited us to her Lagoon Birthday party. It was my first amusement park ever and we discovered that I DO NOT LIKE RIDES. Well, there were two rides I liked- the slow moving cars and the train that takes you through the zoo. At first, the train freaked me out but I was soon distracted by all the cool animals.

Here's the slow moving car that I tolerated but did not fully enjoy.

Here I am with my cousins Will and Joel. I liked this ride a lot until it started moving.

Will and I are on The Guppy... and I'm clinging to the side for dear life.

This ride looked particularly wimpy so I thought I could handle it. Nope, the operator had to stop mid ride and take me off.

I even panicked a little on the Carousel.

Perhaps next year I'll be big enough to properly experience Lagoon. We still had such a blast and enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch and birthday cake . Thank you to Aunt Anna, Aunt Marie, Uncle Chad and Aunt Rachel for watching me so my mom could go on some of the scarier rides.


Diane said...

Sounds like Booker takes after his Uncle Chris.

The Burtons said...

That looks like so much fun. I use to go to Lagoon all the time as kid. Don't worry, my kids all freaked out on the carousel too! All those ride pictures cracked me up!